The Trump draft plan1 proposes opening up Oil and Gas (O&G) exploration, drilling and leasing on most of the outer continental shelf. In addition, Trump’s executive order 137952 proposes reviewing certain national marine monuments and sanctuaries and opened up the Arctic and key portions of the Atlantic to O&G exploration and drilling. The following statistics illustrate the dramatic size of the administration’s proposals:

71% of all U.S. Marine Area3; prior, only 3% had been opened

92% of the US Outer Continental Shelf (OCS)4; before only 5% had been opened

41% of all U.S. area (land and marine)5

To put this in perspective, this is larger than two of the largest expansions that totaled 37% US territory: the Louisiana Purchase6 (22.3% of modern US), and the Alaska Purchase (15%). These expansions required congressional approval.

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Entire United States


East & Gulf Coasts

Pacific Islands Region

West Coast

Seismic Surveys (East Coast)


Further notes on area calculations: In all scenarios, the O&G program areas do not include the Presidential Withdrawal Areas (North Aleutian Basin). The marine national monuments and national marine sanctuaries considered for O&G exploration, leasing and drilling include all expansions and designations mentioned here but not Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument as understood to be exempt from O&G activities. As a result, Trump’s draft oil and gas plan indicates a range of areas of proposed oil and gas exploration and drilling. Note that we took the widest area under consideration.

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12019–2024 National Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Draft Proposed Program
2Executive order 13795
3The proportion is calculated as Proposed Marine Acreage/Total Marine Acreage. The Proposed Marine Acreage is calculated including all of the O&G program areas plus the marine national monuments and national marine sanctuaries considered for opening to O&G exploration, leasing and drilling.
4The Proposed Marine Acreage is all of the O&G proposed program areas plus the marine national monuments and national marine sanctuaries located within the OCS. The total marine acreage is the total Outer Continental Shelf acreage. Note that both excludes HI and the territories since they are not on the U.S. continental shelf.
5Total marine acreage considered for O&G exploration, leasing and drilling as a proportion of all U.S. area (land and marine)
6Trump’s Offshore Oil Drilling Program – Not in my Ocean